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KUBJA is a humanitarian project started by Dr Chetan Kumar Pamecha (Founder of Kubja and CMD of Shriram Spine Hospital, Udaipur) and 
Dr Chirayu Pamecha and Dr Sonal Pamecha (Co-Founder of Kubja and Spine Surgeon at the Shriram Spine Hospital, Udaipur).This project was started in August 2012 in association with ShriRam Spine Hospital, Udaipur.

Kubja is a unique attempt which commits to the idea that every child with spinal deformity and diseases deserves world-class medical treatment.

KUBJA mission and activities

KUBJA mission is to subsidize the cost of treatment including spinal surgery, by providing financial support to those children who come from economically weaker sections of the society to enable them to lead a normal and healthy life. 
 Kubja has taken number of initiatives in order to realize its mission. Major activities of Kubja include:
  • Providing free spine deformity clinic at Shriram Spine Hospital whenever a free patient comes to the OPD.
  • Providing free consultation and x-rays.
  • If surgery is required, providing all hospital facilities at an extremely subsidized charge throughout the process and providing the labor of the doctors involved at a very subsidized or zero cost. (Low Cost Spine Surgery)
  • Raising funds to pay for the costly implant used in the deformity correction surgery.
  • Awareness and training programs for health workers and nurses to screen children early and at regular intervals.

HERE IS WHAT Rs 10000/- CAN DO: pay for one child's one screw or his investigations
HERE IS WHAT Rs 20000/- CAN DO: pay for one child's operation OT charges
HERE IS WHAT Rs 30000/- CAN DO: pay for one child's Pharmacy and consumables in surgery


To help meet your coorporate social responsibility(CSR) goals,KUBJA can create specific project proposals for your organisation.Partner organisations can fund surgeriesof ,say 24 spinal deformity kids or fund treatment of kids by funding their investigations and bracing costs. Such projects will make CSR contributions simple to execute.'Promoting healthcare ' and disability is an area identified under schedule VII of Companies act 2013 that is eligeble to receive CSR.
KUBJA has been actively supporting treatment of deformity children since 5 years now. Get in touch now and make KUBJA your partner for promoting healthcare.

For further discussion get in touch with Dr. Sonal Pamecha at +91-9413812271      kubjamail@gmail.com.

Corporate Social Resposibility (CSR) goals to improve community living. In India coorporate having a will to give to the society and finding it difficult to reach the grassroot level and right people considering the demography and diverse social problems of the country . We thus join hands with the coorporates to help them advance their welfare initiatives to the needy families and save on their time and human resources.










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You can change a Life

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