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Dr.Chirayu Describes How Kubja Started..

Kubja started in continuation of SACT. SACT (Save a child trust) was started in 2009 in association with GBH American hospital where i worked as a spine surgeon from 2006 to 2012. SACT was started to help children with scoliosis. In 4 years, we operated 20 children with complex spinal deformities successfully.
In August 2012, we started Shriram Spine Hospital. In order to continue the idea of SACT, we started a charitable trust named KUBJA. It was registered as a charitable trust on 21/11/2012. 
KUBJA is a hindu mythological story


We have a dream that 10 years down the line, we will have 100 children standing beside us with straight spines and smiles.


In a span for four years since our inception on 21st november 2012, 50 children have received free surgeries under KUBJA. We at Kubja team want to operate 24 children in this year 2017 while restoring their right to live.

Lives..You can change

You can change a Life

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