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As KUBJA is based in Udaipur, all procedures are done in Udaipur at Shriram Spine Hospital. The procedure includes identification of patients at early stage, counselling them and then treating them. Following steps are carried out for this:

  • Identification of child with spine deformities through screening camps at village and town level. Team of expert from KUBJA go to screen the children at various level
  • All the patients (children) identified through these camps are directed to FREE Spinal Deformity clinic at Shriram Spine Hospital, Udaipur.
  • After examination, a medical team consisting of a spine surgeon, paediatrician, neurologist, radiologist, anaesthetist and physiotherapist examine each child personally for the final evaluation.
  • After identification the families of the selected children are counselled by our team of spine surgeon and anaesthetist about the nature of surgery, associated risks and complications and the post operative protocols.
  • The family is guided about the financial support system of KUBJA, their contact details and other information is registered. They are assured communication as per availability of funds and donations.
  • When KUBJA has raised adequate funds for operating the child, the child is operated in Shriram Spine Hospital at an highly subsidized rates.
  • Pre and post surgery care of the patient.
  • Rehabilitation of the patient.

                                                         OUR REACH

KUBJA's main target is children with spinal deformity needing surgery and rehabilitation. Presently, children from all over Rajasthan ,Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh  are coming to KUBJA.


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You can change a Life

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