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Full Story Of::   Ankit Gautam

Full Story

Ankit , aged 14 years from Banaras was born as a normal male child. As his age progressed he started developing a deformity in his spine. His parents started getting worried about his spinal deformity. They consulted many doctors and were advised for corrective surgery, but the could not afford the cost of surgery having a poor family economic status. Their fear about Ankit’s future were increasing with his growing age and deformity, until they consulted Dr. Chirayu Pamecha at Shriram Spine Hospital. Dr. Pamecha assured them that boy’s deformity will be corrected and the surgery cost will also be taken care of by “KUBJA”.  They were informed that “KUBJA” trust arranged donors for such kids’ operations and the cost of surgery and stay in hospital as well as post- operative medicine was borne by the donor and Ankit or his family will not be charged for anything.
                                    Feeling confident gratitudes for Dr. Pamecha and “KUBJA”, Ankit’s parents got him operated and the kid is now free from his Scoliosis and more happy and satisfied with the new life.