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Full Story Of::   Irfan Mansuri

Full Story

Mr. Shakir was worried about his kid Irfan, aged 14 as he was developing an abnormal posture with the growth in his body. He was a normal child when he was born .As he grew up he started developing deformity in his spine known as Kyphoscoliosis. They were worried about the kid’s future, looking at this spinal deformity which was making it difficult for Irfan’s daily activities.

                    Mr. Shakir left no stone unturn for finding a correct treatment for Irfan. Somehow they were introduced to Shri ram spine hospital  to meet Dr. Chirayu Pamecha for the corrective surgery as they approach the hospital they were assured about the correct in the deformity in Irfan’s body but the second issue was about the finance. Then Dr. Pamecha relieved his tension by giving him further knowledge about the Kubja Trust, under which such surgeries were performed without any cost of patient.

                     Under the Kubja trust we contacted Mr. Nivedan and Mrs. Kamla Bharadwaj who readily agreed paying the cost of surgeries looking at the deformity was the child was suffering. Now the Irfan’s parents are very happy and can see the sparkle in his eyes for new beginning.


               Dr. Chirayu Pamecha successfully managed the surgery and co-ordination of the donor under Kubja Trust.