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Full Story Of::   Madhu Kumari

Full Story

 Madhu Kumari is a native of a small village of Aligarh, (U.P.). This 18 year old girl never thought that she can also stand straight. She had spinal deformity in the lower back, which was seen nearly 5 years back following tuberculosis of spine treated conservatively. The deformity has progressed in the last 4 years.
 As long as she can remember, she was unable to stand or sit up completely straight. Over the years, her posture seemed to get worse and people around her would tell her to stand up straight or to stop slouching. They couldn’t understand that she was physically unable to do so.
 Belonging to a family whose financial condition doesn’t permit them to even afford a two times meal a day, it was not at all possible for them to bear the cost of surgery. But it was required that in order to stop further deterioration of the spinal curve she must underwent spinal correction surgery.
 It was a matter of chance that they met Dr. Chirayu at Shriram Spine Hospital who advised them scoliosis correction surgery for Madhu Kumari. After considering their financial condition, she was operated on 2nd May, 2013 under the funds raised by KUBJA Charitable Trust.
 The family and Madhu both were satisfied with the surgeon, the staff at Shriram Spine Hospital whose combined efforts brought a change in the life of Madhu.