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Full Story Of::   Vijendra SIngh

Full Story

 Vijendra Singh is quiet young 35 year old. He lives in Aligarh ( U.P.). He has a family with two child. He is working at normal tea canteen and he hardly earn around 4000/- per month. He is suffering from Kyphosis and because of that he lost flexibility of his spine. In last 5 years his spinal deformity increased. He is unable to walk straight. He was taken to many spine centres like BHU,AMU & AIIMS for surgery but he can not afford the surgery cost.
 In the year 2012, After a recommendation of Dr. Varshney (Aligarh) he came to Udaipur and meet Dr. Chirayu Pamecha at Shriram Spine Hospital. Vijendra know about the KUBJA trust which started by Dr. Chirayu Pamecha and this trust helps those patient who can not afford the spinal deformity correction surgery cos
 After that Vijendra Operated on 26 September 2012. This surgery has taken 8 hours. And now he walks straight. After this surgery he is able to sleep straight after 5 years. The owner of Pacific Group Mr. Rahul Agrawal donated fund for his surgery and gives him new hope and new beginning of life.
 His wife is happy that Vijendra Singh can now lead a life similar to that of a normal person of same age. They are thankful to the young doctor, his team and the staff at Shriram Spine Hospital.