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Full Story Of::   Teena Kumari

Full Story

 Teena Kumari is quiet young 24 year old woman from a small village of Kota with a dream of walking straight like other normal human in her eyes came to Udaipur. She never thought that her journey to the city of lakes is going to make it turned into reality.
 She was suffering from right sided Congenital Lumbar Scoliosis. This spinal deformity in the lower back was since her birth. The deformity has progressed till the age of 18 and has become like a hump.  Teena is a deaf and dump and its create many problem for her and she can not explain her problem in front of the parents as well as front of Doctor but she had confidence. Her gestures shows that she wants live new life.
 It was in 19 August, 2012 that she met Dr. Chirayu Pamecha, the renowned Spine Surgeon at Shriram Spine Hospital and the next day got operated for her spinal deformity.
 Her father is a farmer his financial status doesn’t permit them to take Teena to the super-specialty hospitals for her treatment but still they took her to the RRC Centre, AIIMS but went back with empty hands because they were not able to afford the cost of the surgery.
 When asked about Shriram Spine Hospital, Teena found no words to praise the entire surgical team, the hospital and above all the doctor with magical hands.
A glimpse of smile was reflected in her eyes and on her face which doesn’t required any explanation of how she felt.