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Full Story Of::   Sapna Mehra

Full Story

Life was not easy for Sapna Mehra a sweet little girl from Jhalawar , Rajasthan when at a mere age of 15 years she started facing few problems in finishing her daily basic chores. Sapna developed weakness in walking with loss of bladder bowel control . Life suddenly felt burdened when she could not lead a normal life like her friends . Her movement from house was restricted when she had loss of bladder control .

            She consulted few doctors and in her investigations she was diagnosed with tumor in her spine which was altering her normal functions. Sugery was advised for tumor excision. Her father Mr. Daulat Ram could not afford unexpected burden of sugery cost . They were refered to Shri Ram Spine Hospital where under the noble work of Kubja organizations an efficient team of doctors under the able guidance of Dr. Chirayu Pamecha operated on her on 5/3/2013. The operation was successful  and the tumor was removed . She was admitted in hospital for 11 days after surgery . When Sapna was discharged she could sit and stand on braces with active and passive mobilization of all joints.

            Today Sapna is a happy girl with no pin and any weakness and she can enjoy and go out with her friends.